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Ceccato Feeney Vehicle Wash Systems provides clients with an extensive range of Bus wash machines. We supply to customers nationwide.


Vehicle Wash Systems offers clients all over Ireland the very best in bus wash machines today. We offer complete Ceccato bus wash systems. Our extensive suite of available bus washing systems is designed for all types of depots.

Our bus wash system experts can even recommend the right system for the needs of your business. Moreover, we can also supply clients with a full range of bus washing accessories. All our bus washing systems can accommodate large 57-seater buses and smaller mini-buses. Their modern design removed dirt and impurities while protecting the bus’s exterior paint job. Our bus wash systems quickly and effectively clean buses making them a potentially very profitable business investment.

Please contact our experts today for additional information on our complete suite of bus wash systems.


How much space is required for a bus wash machine?

This depends on the available space you have available. Our experts can recommend the correct type of bus wash system for the needs of your business.

What types of buses can be cleaned with Ceccato bus washing machines?

All types of buses can be cleaned using Ceccato bus wash systems, including 57-seater buses and minibuses.

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