Ceccato SpA is one of the leading Italian manufacturers in the field of washing systems and equipment for all vehicles, from cars to trains.
It is present in over 60 countries where it installs conveyor tunnels, self-service systems and train washing units. Brazil and Germany are managed by a subsidiary company while business in the other countries in the world is guaranteed by Ceccato Official Distributors.
A widespread network offers customers full support, from the project to the system definition, from installation to after-sales support, with the highest standards of quality and excellent turnaround times.

Design plays a central role in the strategic vision. Ergonomics, environmental and economic sustainability, technology and aesthetics are the core principles behind investments to meet the request for modularity, hygiene, performance and energy savings of an increasingly global and consequently more demanding company.


GERMANIA – Ceccato Gmbh mainly deals with direct technical support and the sale of car washes in Germany.
Thanks to the widespread support network of direct technicians within the country, it is able to fully meet all customer demands.
Ceccato Gmbh has consolidated contracts with major oil companies throughout Germany.

BRAZIL - Ceccato Italia Comercio de Sistema de Lavagem Ltda deals with the manufacture and technical assistance of industrial and car washing systems for the entire Brazilian market, for the Central and South American market and for the Caribbean area.
The company specializes in the design, manufacture and service of industrial LFO, LFC, LCM systems for trucks and buses of all sizes and special LTF systems for washing trains.


Pietro Ceccato founded the company, which produced burners for bread ovens.

Shortly after, oven manufacturing was replaced by the production

of air compressors and equipment for service stations.

pietro ceccato


The company started

producing auxiliary

motors for bicycles.

pietro ceccato


...followed by the procution of engines for

motorcycles due to an increase in the use

of the vehicle after the war.



It was an instant success in the motorcycle

racing arena as well: 6 world records

obtained by a futuristic 75 cc engine.



Another model from




CECCATO participated in many trade fairs and motor shows,

exhibiting its futuristic and

innovative motorcycles and accessories.



Following the sudden death of Pietro Ceccato,

control of the company passes

to the Capra-Dolcetta families.

pietro ceccato


The production of motorcycles is replaced with that of compressors

and car wash units based on a system of oscillating arches, the prototype of

which had been installed 5 years earlier.


A model of the

second generation of

car wash units.



The Ceccato group expands with Mark S.r.l,

Ceccato DMR S.p.A. Limeira Brazil and

Ceccato Inc.



The air compressor division

is sold and the German Ceccato GmbH

is established.



Production needs space, the new

60,000 square meter factory is inaugurated: the most modern factory in

the sector of vehicle washing systems.


2003 - 2008

The company organization evolves and adopts innovative processes such as the application

of Lean Production or quality control to increase efficiency and flexibility.


With Minimax Ceccato wins the ADI Award

(Association for Industrial Design) combining

design and environmental sustainability.



Ceccato is the first company in the world in the carwash

sector to obtain the Environmental Product Declaration(DAP - EPD)

for its systems from the RINA certification body.



Ceccato is the first company in the world in the car wash sector

to obtain from the certifying body RINA, the Environmental Product Declaration ( DAP - EPD)

for its systems.


Significant relaunch of Ceccati products

on the international market through the

subsidiaries in Germany, Poland and Brazil.


The Group expands with the acquisition of InWash, a company specialized in

the supply of original spare parts and accessories compatible with Ceccato systems

and other leading brands in the sector.



The "Ceccato 2.0" project is consolidated,

a path of research and innovation of electronic components

to offer the market innovative systems.



The assignment of an important multi-year assignment by ENI

is one of the confirmations of the solidity of the new Ceccato era.


The new Ceccato plant

Larger, more innovative, more performing


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