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Ceccato Feeney Vehicle Wash Systems provides clients with an extensive range of truck wash machines. We supply to customers nationwide.


From our Wexford location, Vehicle Wash Systems provides clients with an extensive range of truck wash systems. Truck wash machines are specialist pieces of equipment that are designed to clean large commercial vehicles. We supply Ceccato truck wash systems. These systems have been carefully calibrated to quickly and effectively clean all types of trucks, making this a valuable cleaning platform for your business.

Along with pre-made truck washing machines, we can also create a range of custom truck washing machines fitted to the exact needs of your car washing depot. Not sure what truck washing machine is suitable for your business? Please, contact our offices, and we can make recommendations on what will be the most profitable machine for your needs.

For additional information on our truck washing systems, contact Vehicle Wash Systems today.


How much does a truck washing system cost?

This depends on what system you select and the complexity of the installation. To discuss pricing in detail, we recommend contacting us directly.

How much should a business expect to make with a truck wash machine?

While a truck wash machine can make a business significant profits over time, it’s impossible to tell by how much. Our advisors may be able to offer some estimates based on the location of your business.

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