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For more information on our range of truck and bus cleaning systems, get in contact with Vehicle Wash Systems today.


Vehicle Wash Systems provides clients with state-of-the-art bus and truck washing systems.
Our systems are ideally suited for use on petrol station forecourts, heavy goods transportation company yards, haulage company yards and transportation company yards.
Our team of vehicle wash system engineers can recommend the appropriate system for the unique rrequirements of the client's yard and vehicle fleet.


This popular system is constructed from mechanically wielded, fully galvanised steel.
The sleek innovative design of the ID2 – ID3 system has been optimised – in conjunction with a firm of engineering consultants – to deal with the unique cleaning challenges presented by large heavy goods vehicles and large transportation vehicles.

Some of the innovative features of the ID Wash system include:

-The user command interface is separate from the maintenance and operating commands interface, and as such reduces the instances of handling errors by unqualified personnel.

-The driver's control panel is built with robust push buttons, which simplify the process of selecting a cleaning function.

-The water-proof 5.7 touch screen allows the control operating and maintenance functions to be managed with ease.

For more information on our range of vehicle washing systems, get in contact with Vehicle Wash Systems today.

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