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Bitimec Single Brush Wash

Feeney Vehicle Wash Systems provides clients nationwide with the Bitimec Single Brush Wash system. Bitimec has developed Speedy Wash™ technology to meet the demands of bus and truck operators who want to maintain the exterior cleanliness of their fleet easily and inexpensively. The Bitimec Single Brush Wash system keeps fleets in immaculate condition. Speedy Wash provides a consistent, inexpensive, and high-quality wash for any large vehicle without requiring heavy investments in buildings, equipment, or valuable floor space.

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Time and Money Savings

Compared to washing by hand, Speedy Wash provides immediate savings in time and money by delivering fast and economical washing, resulting in a 75% reduction in labour, water, and chemical usage. A single person can soap, wash, and rinse a 53’ trailer, a full-size coach, or a transit bus in an average of 7 minutes.

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A Robust Build with Convenient features

Durability is guaranteed with all stainless-steel frames and high-quality, time-tested components. The Speedy Wash line also includes productivity features such as twin accelerator controls for full bi-directional operation, ‘brush only’ inclination to 10° (20° effective wash angle), large water tanks, and a centrally located patented drive wheel, all of which are exclusive to the Speedy Wash line.

Practical Features

Other practical features of the Speedy Wash line include adjustable all stainless nozzle bars, making them easy to use and requiring minimal maintenance and operator training. Overall, the Speedy Wash line is an essential and practical investment for any company looking to maintain a professional image.

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