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Ceccato is the leading Italian manufacturer of mobile and stagnant vehicle washing systems that offers the convenience of cutting-edge technology throughout their produce.

Feeney Vehicle Wash Systems is Irelands leading supplier of Ceccato vehicle washing systems, offering outstanding ergonomic design, environmental sustainability, and excellent customer care which guarantees that any problems you may encounter, will be taken care of quickly and efficiently, leaving you to do what you do best; look after your business.

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Train wash machines, much like the car wash machine which we are all familiar with, act as a transient washer for stagnant railways and train carriages, meaning an increased level of safety for passengers and staff.

There are a number of train washing systems which can be categorically broken up into four sectors:

Automatic Train Wash Systems: Automatic train wash systems utilise mechanized processes to clean the exteriors of trains. These systems are highly efficient, capable of cleaning an entire train within minutes.

Manual Train Wash Systems: Manual train wash systems involve cleaning personnel who use handheld equipment to wash trains.

Water-based Train Wash Systems: Water-based train wash systems use high-pressure water jets along with environmentally friendly cleaning agents to remove dirt and grime from the train's surface.

Brush-based Train Wash Systems: Brush-based train wash systems employ rotating brushes, coupled with water and cleaning solutions, to scrub and clean the train exteriors thoroughly.

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Regular cleaning with train wash systems helps prevent corrosion and damage to the train's body, extending its lifespan, this is a fundamental element to any locomotive as it will save costly repair and restoration down the line.

Our train washing systems are also manufactured with environmental considerations taken into account meaning that they are energy efficient and water usage is at the minimum level required to contribute to a sustainable operation, regardless of the location.


Are train wash systems safe for the environment?

Yes. Our Ceccato train wash systems now use eco-friendly cleaning agents and have in-built water conservation measures to minimise their environmental impact.

Do train wash systems work on all types of trains?

Yes. Train wash systems are designed to accommodate various types and sizes of trains, making them adaptable to different rail networks.

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