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Washing systems for vans of any height

pegasus tech


up to 15 vehicles / hour

The state of the art in the world of carwash. Speed, precision , accuracy, fluidity in movements. The scanning of the vehicle allows you to wash any shape in absolute safety.

hydrus tech


up to 13 vehicles / hour

High performance, elegance and sturdiness. Customizable in hundreds of combinations. Wide range of colors and accessories.

phoenix range car wash


up to 12 vehicles / hour

The entry level of the Tech range with a vocation for high quality. Even in self service.

aries range car wash


up to 15 vehicles / hour

Simplicity, reliability, robustness and speed. The heart of the Ceccato range.

ceccato self cleaning


up to 2 self-service bays

Compact and cost-efficient self service system. Simple and reliable, Easy is the entry-level solution for self service systems.

ceccato labrador self cleaning


from 2 to 6 self-service bays

The professional system. A variety of configuration choices and programs in a cabinet or technical room, with a new, elegant look.

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